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Total QSR support local business by donating old I.T equipment.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Total QSR, are dedicated to helping their clients better their sustainability and look for the most environmentally friendly & ground-breaking innovations available to the industry. For example, they have recently installed new energy-saving, Low Oil Volume fryers for some of their customers to help them on their journey to more energy-efficient kitchens.

Total QSR are working hard to make sure all aspects of their business are more sustainable in house and not just for customers. The last few months has seen the HQ In Melksham Wiltshire have many renovations carried out including installing new windows and new environmentally friendly aircon units. The office had a good tidy up and were able to identify lots of old I.T equipment including, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. They reached out to a local company (laptop and PC repair Trowbridge) to seek some advice and see if it was possible for the equipment to have second lives and be saved from Landfill. Danny Lake from Laptop & PC Repair Trowbridge collected the old I.T equipment and performed secure data destruction on the equipment. He then helped Total QSR with the donation of the equipment to two local charities.

The first charity Total QSR supported with the equipment was the Alzheimer’s support in Warminster. Their services include award-winning day clubs and much-valued one-to-one home support. Being donated an upgraded laptop means they are able to respond to people quicker.

The second charity supported was, Ruksak45218 based in Southwick in the County of Wiltshire. Ruksak45218 provides the essentials of bedding, clothing, toiletries, footwear, school stationery, sleeping bags and other items, to young persons aged 5 to 18 years of age in Wiltshire. The arrival equipment means they can support people in need. For example kids who need this for school or college. Technology is all around us and can assist us in our lives, for some young persons the cost of this technology is something they, and their family cannot afford.

Total QSR’s Marketing Manager Joanne Herridge commented “We are really happy to know that our old equipment can support local charity’s and not just end up in landfill so this is much better for the environment”

You can find links to all companies involved below.

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