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Total QSR picks up YesOvens supply

The full range of the Italian brand’s combi ovens will be available from Total QSR. The distributor believes the appliances are appealing to their customer base due to robust quality and stylish design, and being a range that can fill a gap in every kitchen.

Total QSR has an ethos of ‘keeping you open for business’, by providing the support and a first time fix rate that are designed to meet all commercial catering needs.

YesOvens UK director Emily Sime praised: “Total QSR’s commitment to customer support and satisfaction makes them the perfect fit for YesOvens UK. Their understanding of each business as an individual and excellent customer relations ensures the right products will be recommended, with the customer’s specific needs being their priority.

“Getting it right for our customers, specifying what they need and ensuring they are not over sold equipment is a core value at YesOvens UK; these key points are what make YesOvens UK and Total QSR perfect partners.

“We are looking forward to working together and providing the industry with the best we have to offer.”

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