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Total QSR's Operations Director joins The leadership council of Great Britain and Northern Island

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Total QSR is proud to announce that our Ops Director Luke Herridge has joined the leadership council of Great Britain and Northern Island. The Leaders Council brings together the most influential figures from across the country. It celebrates the hard work and achievements of the nation's unsung leaders, while laying the ground for the next generation. From the CEO of a multinational bank to the founder of an innovative new start-up, these are the people who take risks, create jobs and empower their colleagues.

Members of the Leaders Council come from across the country, from a variety of professional backgrounds. What unites us is a commitment to uphold best practice in our professional dealings and a desire to contribute to the public policy arena through intelligent discussion.

Only leaders who are found to reflect the Leaders Council's Charter of Principles are permitted to become members. The charter outlines the five principles.

• To share my knowledge with the wider community in order to raise standards and improve leadership skills across the country.

• To offer my honest and considered advice to anyone who should, in good faith, seek it.

• To treat all associates, partners, employees, suppliers and consumers with the utmost courtesy and respect.

• To make every conceivable effort to deal exclusively with organisations and individuals of repute.

• To commit, wherever possible, to making a positive social and environmental impact.”

Luke joins members like Sir Geoff Hurst, former home secretary Lord Blunkett and Sir Andrew Strauss. What been long-standing members. Being a member of this exclusive council highlights Total QSR's commitment to high business performance and foodservice best practices.

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