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Total QSR COVID 19 latest policy. 15/10/2020

Further to our last update. Please see latest guidelines below.

The purpose of these procedures is to allow the company to operate as normally as possible without putting anyone at unnecessary or unreasonable risk.

We advise engineers that If they or a member of their household are showing symptoms of COVID-19

· stay at home

· contact NHS to arrange a test

· notify the office

· follow the latest government advice.


Each engineer’s van carry hand gel, disinfectant, blue roll, bin / bin bag for used blue roll, hand cream / barrier cream.

Hand cleanliness is vitally important and is best achieved through proper handwashing – use a washroom where available, failing that use hand sanitizer.

Engineers will have face coverings and disposable gloves available.

Company mobile phone can have the Government track and trace app to allow the engineer to scan into clients NHS QR codes.

Site work

We advise our engineers the following whilst on site.

Always scan into the NHS track and Trace app using the QR code on site.

Always wear a face covering when on client’s sites.

Avoid bringing unnecessary items onto a client’s site which will require sanitizing when taken back to the van.

When arriving on a client’s site scan in on the NHS QR code if available.

Clean work areas that can have been contaminated with COVID-19 before working on them.

If using disposable gloves or disposable masks, ensure they are disposed of in a bin and use hand sanitizer.

When working on equipment ensure you have a clear area around your workspace.

Team working (two engineers working together) must be kept to a minimum.


We advise our engineers the below.

If you develop symptoms of COVID 19 or test positive for COVID 19 please follow the guidance from the NHS. Please also inform the directors by phone or email so that we can take the next steps regarding notifying those who may have been in contact with you.

Office staff procedure is as below.

There will be cleaning stations inside the front door and on the landing at each level (hand gel, disinfectant, blue roll, bin for used blue roll). Hand cleanliness is vitally important and is best achieved through proper handwashing – there is a washroom available for each team to use.

Each team will have a Bioland Model E125 IR thermometer for taking team members temperature – if your temperature is OK the display backlight is green, slightly elevated temperature and you have a yellow backlight and should just monitor your temperature if the thermometer registers you have a fever the display will turn red.

Teams / Bubbles we have three teams or bubbles who will ensure they stay separate from the other teams both in work and socially out of work while the pandemic continues.

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