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How to enhance/begin your catering offering.

In order to survive the economic impact of coronavirus pubs, restaurants, cafés, are having to diversify. We understand this may be completely new territory for some, which is why we wanted to highlight some of the key, core pieces of equipment, which you can mix and match, to get up and running. The selection enables caterers to do this, with minimal investment and space, as the equipment offers high output from a small footprint.

Choose from a range of compact, countertop items including the CiBO, easy to use innovative fast oven great for pizza, paninis, toasties and pastries. The PFA Fully-Automatic Fryers for chips, chicken nuggets and battered fish. The Cuppone Tiziano pizza oven by Cuppone not only great for producing authentic tasting pizzas, but also lasagne, toasties and garlic bread too. Finally For hot holding soups, baked beans and jackets potatoes the LBM2 Bain Marie Lincat Lynx.

Cibo Counter Top Fast Oven from Lincat -

Being ventless and operating from a 13amp plug this unit can be positioned almost anywhere and using its patent-pending combination of convection, grill and a heated base it always delivers fast results. Eliminating the need for costly ventilation and available in several finishes the Cibo is perfect for front of house environments.

Clear icons and an easy-to-use touchscreen display makes operating the Cibo easy for any member of staff regardless of previous cooking experience and skillsets. Six standard pre-set programmes get the user off to a head start. These can be tailored to individual requirements and bespoke recipes added for menu creativity.

Wall brackets and stacking kits are available - please contact us for more information - 01225 791848

PFA Fully-Automatic Fryers

The PFA series deep fryers minimize staffing requirements and preparation time while maximizing cooking capacity and efficiency.

Vents or hoods are not required!

  • The air is drawn up through the front grill over the oil vat and into the grease filter, removing the larger grease particulate.

  • The remaining grease-laden air travels through the HEPA style replaceable air filter cartridge, removing the remaining particulate.

  • The activated carbon eliminates any odors.

please contact us for more information - 01225 791848

Cuppone Tiziano pizza oven

The Tiziano range of ovens are designed to offer a wide range of equipment that will accommodate takeaways and small restaurants, where pizzas are only part of the menu or those with limited kitchen space. They cook pizzas in around 3-6 minutes, depending on the thickness of the base and whether you are cooking directly on the stone or in the pans. Cuppone pizza ovens are incredibly versatile and can be used to cook different dishes such as pasta, jacket potatoes, fish, meat, vegetables, and much more.

please contact us for more information - 01225 791848

The Tiziano is capable of fast turnarounds during busy periods or for reheating and finishing off dishes that have been prepared in advance. The Tiziano is built with a simple control system consisting of two mechanical thermostats on each deck. This independently controls the temperature above and below the stones to ensure uniform cooking of the top and bottom of the pizza. The heating elements are designed to totally cover the surface of the deck, and the oven is protected by a manual resetting thermostat which will intervene in the event of any abnormal overheating.

please contact us for more information - 01225 791848

LBM2 - Lincat Lynx 400 Electric Counter-top Bain Marie - Dry Heat - inc. 4 x 1/4 GN Dishes - W 565 mm - 0.5 kW

Keep your sauces, soups and gravy at the ideal serving temperature with the Lynx 400 Dry Heat Bain Marie which comes with 4 x 1/4 100mm deep gastronorms and lids.

Designed to plug in and play, the Bain Marie is highly portable and can be brought out as and when it's required, making it perfect for event catering. The dry heat means the Bain Marie heats up quicker than its wet counterpart as the container is being directly heated rather than being diffused through water.

please contact us for more information - 01225 791848

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