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12th of April Hospitality reopening checks

After a long period of being switched off, commercial kitchen equipment can require a bit of TLC before it can be up and running again.

Here are some things to consider.

1. Clean and sanitise everything (equipment, surfaces, walls, floors, etc.) thoroughly before you start. (Caution: make sure the cleaners and sanitisers you use are suitable for the surfaces you are cleaning, e.g. stainless steel).

2. If you have any concerns about any of your Gas appliances please contact a gas safe engineer. They will be able to carry out tests to determine if your gas equipment is working properly and advise on any maintenance required.

3. For any electrical appliances you should check that PAT tests are in date, check for any damage to supply cables before reconnecting electrical appliances. if they’re not working, and you’ve checked the supply is switched on and that they are switched on, then call an engineer.

4. Treat equipment as if it was new – follow the user manual, run through the start-up procedure, do a dry run, then start it up and run the machine. If something isnt working call for an engineer.

5. Refrigeration: after cleaning, turn on and check that it reaches the correct temperature before loading.

6. Water: for any appliance using water (beverage systems etc.) run water through the system to flush out any standing water. Thoroughly clean the system.

7. Warewashers: give them a run through on empty.

8. With all appliances, cupboards, etc., check for any presence of dust, insects, pests, etc. and act accordingly.

If you experience any issues when going through the checks we have engineers available nationwide.

Tel - 01225 791848

Email -

We can help with commercial equipment sales, installation, servicing, repair, consultancy, project management - and ensure Health and Safety compliance.

As you're service partners we can offer a complete package to include refrigeration service and repair, installation, and sales. This will cover Refrigeration - Fridges, Freezers, Walk-in Cold Rooms, Cellar Cooler Systems, Ice Cream Machines, Retail refrigeration equipment.

We also have an electrical team that cover fixed wire testing and PATS and much more.

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