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  • Joanne Herridge

12th April is now set for the reopening of pubs and restaurants for outdoor dining. Are you ready??

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Synergy Grill has the perfect solution with their new Outdoor Cook Stations and other cooking options for all your outdoor cooking requirements and to make sure you can at last maximise your income.

On the outdoor cook stations, you can cook rotisseries, pizzas, steak, chicken, bread… the list goes on and on, and all on just ONE piece of equipment. But on top of this you also get all the standard Synergy Benefits like 59% gas savings, no cleaning of that old fat tray, and most of all… beautiful succulent steaks, burgers, chicken breast, and lots of vegan foods.

The Synergy range runs off either mains gas or LPG and utilising the patented Synergy integrated burner system to vaporise the natural oils back into the foods to retain the succulence and weight - your customers will know their own 'wait' has not been in vain! Simple to use with One-Switch operation.

Call us today to talk about the Synergy Grill outdoor cooking stations.

Tel - 01225 791848

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